Vertical Wave Business Telephone Systems

The Vertical Wave IP 500 and IP2500 business telephone systems bring a new generation of features and reliability of communication to the industry never seen before at a price any organization can afford. This is a platform that your organization can grow with, giving you exceptional expansion capabilities and investment protection that will last for years. The Wave IP 500 or IP2500 gives you a Hybrid Telecom capability that can range from 4 to 350 IP/TDM phones with a variety of applications. You can have Analog, Digital, IP Desksets, or IP Softphones and mix and match any of these for a flexible environment within your company or organization. There is a complete migration path available from legacy systems as well as gateway capabilities for multi-network(IP, TDM and PSTN)requirements. Every feature is designed to increase productivity in the workplace and enhance daily business operations to the max. Today's environment means a mobile society, and the Vertical Wave IP Business Telephone System is designed with the remote office connected to the corporate facility in mind.

Communication both with customers and between employees is paramount to any company's profitability. We have spent the last 10 years designing and refining VoIP and standard PBX telephone systems that improve productivity. Computer Telephony Integration has been our specialty since day one, thus in-bound screen pops and outbound desktop dialing is an everyday feature set in all of our systems. Our focus has always been on call center systems both large and small. So whether you have a few employees that handle a lot of calls, or a complete call center that deals with thousands of calls per hour, we can deliver a system for you that is affordable and works!

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Help Desk Support Software that works!

Keep customer support requests organized. Cynergy help desk is a web based software used to record and track customer support tickets. Tickets can be created four different ways. Customer login, web forms, email tickets and technician created. With affordable monthy hosting, Cynergy Help Desk is a smart choice. Sign up for your FREE 30 Day Trial Start creating tickets in just a few minutes

The environment of Help Desks and Customer Service is changing rapidly today. Instead of merely responding to a disgruntled caller with a problem, then solving the problem, or worse, taking down the information to find a resolution to the problem, Help Desks and Customer Service Centers have to become a resource for the solution instantly, and hopefully be able to offer multiple solutions in to the end user so they can either solve the problem on their own, or in best case scenarios, the Help Desk can offer potential solutions before the issue arises.

Customer Support Software Is Good for Business!

Customer Support is no longer seen as a burden to the overhead, in fact many companies believe that the Customer Support Department belongs under the management and monitoring of the Marketing Department because they see Customer Service as an asset to sales and marketing, not an extra expense. When companies began to compute the expense of acquiring a new client vs. retaining an existing one, they finally woke up to the great expense of the new acquisition and decided that top shelf customer service and support could in fact deliver real measurable profits to the company's bottom line.

We have been focusing on improving communications for organizations for over 10 years. We re-sold HEAT and Goldmine for 5 years and became a major reseller for those companies. We also sold Sales Logix, ACT, and Microsoft CRM, so we have an extensive experience with Customer Relationship Management and know what a customer needs to improve their communications with customers. We deliver Vertical Wave Business Telephone Systems and can give you screen pops in Cynergy and Predictive Dialer capability to call back clients.

We developed a solution within Cynergy that is a "best of breed" help desk and customer relationship model designed to improve your communications between internal employees and external customers. Cynergy is easy to use, yet as powerful as many of the really expensive software systems available today. Cynergy combines Help Desk Support (for internal) end user customer support (for external) project management and sales management all in ONE easy to use application. And it's so affordable, anyone can acquire it! Try Cynergy today for 30 days at no obligation, we know you won't be disappointed.

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